Do you have such a busy schedule that you are not able to shuttle your child back and forth from extra curricular activities?  Why not let them participate in activities that they will enjoy while they are at Cranford After Care?  We offer a variety of additional programs that you child can participate in.  Please note, that these programs carry with them an extra cost and not part of your monthly tuition:

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Cranford After Care is conveniently located within Diamond Gymnastics Academy, a 10,000 square foot facility offering recreational and competitive gymnatics classes for children ages 2.5 years and up.  Classes run for 1 hour once a week, and your child will be taken directly from Cranford After Care to their gymnastics class.

Introducing gymnastics to your child will provide them with a physical activity that will keep them fit while they are having fun at the same time!  Gymnastics not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but it also will help your child with flexibility, body control and discipline.

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Trampoline Classes:

Diamond Gymnastics Academy offers a class that is 1 full hour of everyone's favortie gymnastics activity, TRAMPOLINE!  This NEW class provides instruction on the trampoline where students will learn body control, proper technique and more!

Conveniently, your child will be taken directly from Cranford After Care to attend their class.  Your child will "FLIP" over this fun and exciting class offering!

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Cheer Tumbling:

Diamond Gymnatics Academy offers Cheer Tumbling classes for students looking to learn/refine the tumbling skills used for cheerleading routines.  These 1 hour classes will focus on getting your child started with back/front walkovers and back handsprings and then developing additional tumbling skills like front and back tucks.

Cheer tumbling classes are available all week and conveniently while your child is already here with Cranford After Care!  Help your child take the next step in the sport that they love.

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One-On-One Tutoring:

Does your child need a little extra help with a certain subject or preparing for an upcoming test?  Cranford After Care has a staff of NJ Certified public school teachers availble to tutor your child and make sure they are ready!

They can help with all subject areas; math, reading, writing, phonics, science, social studies and more!  They are also available to help with test prep for examines that students are required to take by the state of NJ.  Tutors are available for 30 minute and 1 hour sessions during the times your child is attending Cranford After Care.

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